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6th National Thalassaemia Conference& Workshops

6th National Thalassaemia Conference& Workshops 17-19 Dec 2009

Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan in collaboration with World Health Organization organized the 6th National Thalassaemia Conference & workshops at Lahore from Dec 17-19, 2009. The conference highlighted the importance of early diagnosis, optimal treatment, patients safety and prevention of Thalassaemia. The subjects discussed in the scientific session covered the clinical spectrum, as well as the prevention of Thalassaemia. The conferenceļæ½s scientific sessions and workshops were specifically designed to develop the capacity of doctors and other paramedical staffs working in the country in the management and prevention of Thalassaemia. The conference included workshops and scientific sessions on blood transfusions and reactions, patient safety, Hepatitis B&C, iron chelation and optimal management techniques. The structure of the workshops allowed close contact between health care providers including doctors, paramedics with Thalassaemics, and was instrumental in developing awareness and understanding between the two. A large number of participants attended the conference, which included Thalassaemics, parents, doctors, paramedical staff, social workers, society officials and volunteers attended the conference. All the Thalassaemia associations and 39 Centers working in the country participated in this annual event.

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