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Beta Thalassaemia is one of the most commonly inherited disorders in the country, with a prevalence rate of 6 % in the Pakistani population.  However, ignorance dictates that people are unaware of its existence and are clueless regarding its symptoms.

In Thalassaemia, the red blood cells not only have shorter life spans than healthy RBC’s, but they also have genetic mutations of protein chains necessary to build healthy hemoglobin. This requires regular blood transfusion to Thalassaemics for maintaining their health.Unless an exact bone marrow can be found from within the siblings and a transplant carried out, the patient is condemned to a life of monthly if not weekly blood transfusions just to survive.Due to the repeated blood transfusions excess iron gets accumulated in the body which needs to be removed. This is carried out by regularly injecting the Thalassaemics with an injection which is given through a chelation pump- a procedure of almost 8 hours of painful treatment.


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Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan (TFP) is the umbrella organization of all the societies working for Thalassaemia in the country. We provide a platform that unites the associations so that free exchange of information and experience takes place, which helps us in forming a collective forum against Thalassaemia.

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