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Informed choice in genetic screening for thalassaemia during pregnancy: audit from a national confidential inquiry

Authors: Darlison, Mary Petrou, John Old, Mark Layton and Lysandros Varnavides Bernadette Modell, Rodney Harris, Beverley Lane, Maren Khan, Matthew Abstract Objective National audit of informed choice in antenatal screening for thalassaemia. Design Audit from the UK Confidential Enquiry into Counselling for Genetic Disorders. Setting Thalassaemia module of the UK

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Midwives’ perceptions of their role as facilitators of informed choice in antenatal screening

Authors: Shenaz Ahmed,BSc(Hons),PhD(Lecturer)a,n, LouiseD.Bryant,BSc(Hons),PhD(Lecturer)a, Phyllis Cole,RN,RM,DPSM(PublicHealthLeadforMaternity) A b s t r a c t Objective: to explore midwives’perceptions oft heir role as facilitators of informed choice in antenatal screening. Design: qualitative. Setting: community midwives,Yorkshire and Humberregion,UK. Participants: community midwives offering antenatals creening(n¼15). Method: semi-structured interviews analysed using Thematic Analysis. Findings:

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Premarital screening for b-thalassaemia in Southern Iran: options for improving the programme

Authors: Mehran Karimi, Nima Jamalian, HoomanYarmohammadi, Abdolrasoul Askarnejad, Abdolreza Afrasiabi and Alireza Hashemi [gview file=” Background b-thalassaemia is a preventable disease. Iran has about 20,000 homozygote b-thalassaemia patients and 3,750,000 carriers. Objective To assess the 10-year results of the screening programme, which has been operating in Southern Iran since 1995.

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