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Thalassaemia Federation

Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan (TFP) is the umbrella organization of all the societies working for Thalassaemia in the country. We provide a platform that unites the associations so that free exchange of information and experience takes place, which helps us in forming a collective forum against Thalassaemia.

The purpose of establishing Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan has been to support the various associations nationwide which work for the cause of treatment and prevention of Thalassaemia. The aim of the Federation is to provide the associations with any assistance they need to provide all the required support including treatment and prevention services to Thalassaemics and their families.

Who are we.

Executive Committee

Thalassaemia Federation of Pakistan is governed by an Executive Body of 22 Members. The executives are elected through ballot every two years. The executives hail from all the four respective provinces, the Federal Region & AJK.