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Balochistan Chapter

Balochistan Chapter

  • Thalassaemia Society of Pakistan

    Thalassaemia Society of Pakistan


    Contact Person Prof. Nadeem Samad
    Address M.A. Jinnah Road Opp. Casualty Civil Hospital Quetta.
    Phone: 081-2821598 0300-8380847 Fax:
    Email: Website
    Total number of Thalassaemics currently registered 443
    Service Provided :

    Blood Transfusion

    Iron Chelation

    Genetic Counseling

    Prenatal Diagnosis

    Any Other Services:

    Awareness Advocacy

  • Hope Foundation Gawadar

    Hope Foundation


    Contact Person Muhammad Younus Hussain
    Address Hope Foundation Thalassaemia Center District Headquarter hospital, Gawadar.
    Phone: 0324-8230757 Fax:
    Email: Website
    Total number of Thalassaemics currently registered
    Services Provided :
  • Fatimid Foundation Quetta Center

    Fatimid Foundation Quetta Center


    Contact Person Dr. Amir Mohammad Khan Jogezai, Chief Executive
    Address Fatimid Foundation Kidney Center, General Hospital, Samugali Road, Quetta
    Phone: 081-2835521, 2835524, and 2831924 Fax:
    Email:, Website
    Total number of Thalassaemics currently registered
    Service Provided:

    Clinical Services to patients suffering from Thalassaemia and Haemophilia.

    Laboratory Services

    ·          Screening of Blood for HbsAg, HCV, HIV, RPR and M.P.

    ·          Blood Grouping and cross match.

    ·          Blood Products (Fresh Frozen Plasma, Platelets, Cryoprecipitate)

    ·          Haematology

    ·          Coagulation

    ·          Chemistry

    Nursing Care.


    Creating awareness about Thasalassaemia and blood collection campaign.

    Extended Family Screening

    Family counseling

    Blood and Blood products transfusion.

    Iron chelation therapy.

    Splenectomy (Through Govt. Hospital)